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JP Edu Hub Work-Ready Project


The brainchild of a years-long collaboration with industry experts, policymakers, and educators, the WORK-READY Project represents our strategic vision to secure sustainable and lifelong employability for employees and empower organisations with a ready pool of skills and talent.

Building upon the successes of our teaching processes and leveraging the advances in digital online technologies, the WORK-READY Project aims to redefine accessibility and affordability to quality education — reshaping how we teach and learn. We envision to achieve this via our Future Ready strategy. Through the Work-Ready Project, JP Edu Hub is proud of its efforts to transform how society teaches and learns by breaking traditional barriers that have discouraged young talent and organisations from achieving their full potential.

Your Guaranteed Future

Enabled by the WORK-READY project, the Future Ready strategy is our vision to improve how we train and engage junior talent so that they can join the industry as productive members of society for the benefit of everyone:
Things We Can Help You To Achieve
  • Overcoming traditional distance and financial barriers to education through a truly global brand.
  • Three Global Business Units strategy.
  • Transforming the industry via Customer Experience, Differentiation, and Digitisation.

Our Project Goals

JP Edu Hub is an education partner of Oskano Academy Sdn Bhd, Malaysia together with its partners which are worldwide recognised, developing quality online education and training courses.


Training & upskill programmes to meet the standards of the industry.


Quality education to develop core competencies in job seekers and the organisations they work for.


Guaranteed optimal job placement, remuneration, and opportunities.


Ongoing support for job placements via our partners and industry network.

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