Online Professional Degree in Computer Science

Online Professional Degree in Computer Science

Online Professional Degree in Computer Science

Be Part of the Most Powerful Force Shaping the World Today.
The JP Edu Hub 2 years 8 months Professional Degree in Computer Science is an online course that aims to give students access to the best experts in the field, remotely and more affordably.

Whether your interest is in artificial intelligence, edge computing, robotics, or a multidisciplinary field, our online programme will help you take that essential first step into the industry.
Remote Learning

Same Academic Quality, New & Improved Approach

Inclusive Access to Quality Education
Learn from the experts on an online learning platform that dismantles many barriers to higher education, including physical distance, prohibitive tuition fees, or simply the additional costs of living away from home.
Comprehensive Experiential Learning
Benefit from a true learning experience that comprises academic studies & assessment as well as practical projects and real-world industry participation.
Connect With Industry Professionals
Take advantage of a global network to connect directly with industry players to open doors to your future growth as well as open doors to meaningful employment opportunities.
Build Your Portfolio & Technical Confidence
Simultaneously build a presentable work portfolio as you study as well as confidence in your technical skills to impress future employers.

Course Overview

Our Professional Degree in Computer Science was developed by qualified experts and our educational advisory team to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of their subject matter as well as practical, in-demand skills.

The programme comprises eight (8) core modules over 2 years 8 months that aim to help students develop strong fundamentals in computer science and applied computing.

Each module comprises online lectures and tuition carried out according to a pre-planned learning structure with clearly defined learning outcomes. Our online platform also lets students track their progress more easily and self-evaluate their study plans.
At the end of the academic year, students will be tasked with completing a project which gives them the chance to use what they’ve learnt realistically and better understand the real-world applications.

At the end of the module, students are assessed through a combination of personal assignments and a final exam to provide a more accurate representation of their true abilities and how they transfer into the workplace.

Our Course's Core Modules

Year 1

• Introduction to Object Oriented Programming I 
• Computing Maths
• Information System And Organization
• Introduction to Computer and OS
• Introduction to Object Oriented Programming II
• Computer Architecture and Organization
• Database Management Systems I
• Algorithms and Data Structures I (DSA)
• Computer Networks
• Cloud Computing
• Data Visualization with R
• Software Engineering

Year 2

• Data Science 
• AI and Machine Learning I 
• Data Analysis Using Python
• Capstone Project
• Data Visualization for Business
• Algorithm and Data Structures II
• Operating Systems
• AI and Machine Learning II
• Web Application Development
• Database Management System II
• Soft Computing
• Network Security

Year 3

• Application Analysis and Design
• Mobile Application Development
• Computer Graphics
• Human Computer Interaction
• Image Processing
• Design and Analysis of Algorithms
• Cryptography and Network Security
• Final Project

Who is this Programme For?

  • Graduates and Early Career Professionals
    The programme is purposely designed to augment the knowledge of graduates and early career professionals for a more complete mastery of computer sciences. 
  • Professionals in Computer-related Fields 
    The programme is ideal for professionals in computer-related fields looking to upskill and accelerate their career or to further their interests and passion. 

Contact Info

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Skyline Building, Singapore 187966