Professional Diploma in Special Education

Online Professional Diploma in Special Education

The JP Edu Hub Online Professional Diploma in Special Education is an 18 months remote learning programme.
That aims to teach students how to create a more inclusive learning environment and acquire the various teaching methods for teaching students with learning disabilities. 

If you like children and want to help those who need special attention and care to achieve the best in life, then you will find a career in Early Years Special Education to be a rewarding experience that also promises to compensate generously for your contribution.                     
Remote Study

A High-Value & Accessible Diploma Education

Remote Study
Our online professional diploma programe offers an incredible high-quality educational opportunity that can be accessed from any location. If you’re looking to stay close to family and friends or to maintain a lower cost of living as you study, this programme is ideal for you. In addition, the online platform also makes it easy to track your progress and organise your learning.
Specialised Skills
Learn how to effectively deal with situations requiring special care and attention - a valuable skill set in adaptability that sets you apart and is highly sought after by employers.
High in Demand
As the population of young children with special needs grows, the demand for skilled special educators is on the rise. By honing your abilities to effectively guide and educate children with learning disabilities, you'll not only gain a competitive edge over general education teachers but also set a strong foundation for your university education and future prospects.

Course Overview

The term "special needs" encompasses a wide spectrum, referring to individuals who require assistance and support for various disabilities like physical, developmental, and learning disabilities. Examples include dyslexia, autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These children, distinct in their requirements, often demand additional support, which could involve specialised teaching methods.

Our Online Diploma in Early Childhood Education teaches practical skills in core topics alongside a deeper exploration of the subject matter using an innovative online teaching methodology that helps learners develop a strong foundation in early childhood education.

Comprising 19 modules taught over 18 months, the programme emphasises targeted training in tending to and educating young children with special needs. This encompasses performing teaching routines, creating educational materials, and aiding in specialised care activities, while also learning to support classroom curriculum delivery, encompassing literacy, numeracy, language, and ITC components.

The course materials are delivered through online lectures and tuition that adhere to a structured learning framework with well-defined objectives. Students can monitor their advancement and self-assess their study strategies through an online platform.

Our Course's Detail

Medium of Instruction

  • Chinese

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum 1 credit in SPM / UEC / O-Levels or any equivalent qualification
  • At least 18 years old and above

Assessment Framework

  • Final Exam + Group Project at the end of each module.

Our Course's Core Modules

  • A foundation to early childhood special education
  • Introduction to young children with special needs
  • Assessment of young children with special needs
  • Contribute to the curriculum planning for young children with special needs
  • Support the development of literacy and oral language skills
  • Support the development of numeracy skills
  • Design indoor and outdoor learning environments for young children with special needs
  • Adapting learning environments for children with special needs
  • Managing disruptive behaviour and intervention strategies in classroom
  • Implement strategies for the inclusion of all children
  • Contemporary issues and challengers in special education for children
  • Contribute to the health, safety and wellbeing of students
  • Teaching children with autism
  • Transitioning of young children with special needs
  • Gams as powerful tools
  • Reflect and improve own professional practice
  • Participate in workplace health and safety
  • Work in partnership with families
  • Practicum


Who is this Programme For?

  • Graduates and Early Career Professionals
    With a lower time commitment and high flexibility, the online professional diploma is an excellent choice for individuals who plan to start working in a short amount of time and at a more important role within the industry.
  • Career Advancement & Interest Development 
    Follow your passions and set yourself apart in the professional arena by cultivating practical skills that complement your academic credentials.  

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