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Online Certificate in Digital Marketing

The JP Edu Hub 3-Month Certificate in Digital Marketing.
An online course that is tailored to teach students the core fundamentals of digital marketing and their practical application.

Using big data analysis to create highly objective snapshots of target demographics at a single point in time and applying established marketing psychology to audiences on social media platforms, digital marketing skills provide unparalleled insights, reach, and versatility to excel in the new digital global community.
Remote Learning

Engaging, & Effective Learning

Digital Immersion Learning
Start your digital marketing studies in the fully-digital classroom realms of cyberspace where the differences in time, physical distance, and living costs are kept minimal and localised.
Network Professionally
Connect with industry professionals as you study. Our online courses give students the opportunity to connect with global industry professionals to maximise your career potential.
Quality Academic Experience
Benefit from a full learning experience comprising an academic syllabus designed by professionals and rigorous assessments that aim to measure your real-world skills and knowledge.
Practical Skills Portfolio
Start developing a real work portfolio early on as you take on assignments and projects with real-world digital marketing results.

Course Overview

Our Certificate in Digital Marketing was co-developed by qualified experts and our educational advisory team to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of their subject matter as well as practical, in-demand skills.

The 3-month programme comprises 6 core modules aimed at imparting industry-relevant digital marketing skills. By the end of programme, students will acquire functional competencies in:
  • Digital Marketing Planning.
  • Practical knowledge of SEO, Paid Search, Mobile, Email, Display Media, and Marketing Analytics.
  • Understanding of KPIs in any digital marketing project.
  • Proven ability to increase the success rate or return on investment of digital marketing programmes.
  • Knowledge to launch and evolve their digital marketing career.
Each module consists of online lectures and tuition classes carried out according to a preplanned learning structure with clearly defined learning outcomes. Students may track their progress and self-evaluate their study plans via the online platform.

Throughout the programme, students will be continuously assessed through personal assignments followed by a final examination that aims to provide a more accurate evaluation of their abilities and how what they have learnt will transfer into the workplace.

At the end of the course, students will be tasked with completing a project that tests their skills and learning in a realistic environment to better understand their real-world applications.

Our Course's Core Modules

1. Social Media Analytics 
2. Web Analytics & SEO 
3. Digital Marketing 
4. Social media marketing
5. Photography for Digital Marketing

6. Customer Acquisition and  Engagement Strategy

  • Content marketing
  • Paid marketing 
  • Social brand management  

Who is this Programme For?

  • Graduates and Early Career Professionals
    Augment your abilities with a cost-effective, easy-to-acquire, and highly valuable skill set. 
  • Experienced Marketers
    Keep up to date with the revolution in marketing that will open up new capabilities and insights that were impossible before.

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