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Online Diploma in Information Technology

The JP Edu Hub 1-Year Diploma in Information Technology is an online programme.
Designed to help students develop strong fundamentals in IT through a combination of theory and practical learning. If you are detail-oriented with a passion for building and maintaining critical computer systems, then you can look forward to a fulfilling and rewarding career in IT—one of the fastest growing professions globally.
Remote Learning

How This Course Can Benefits You

Online-Based Learning
Develop your knowledge and skills online as you engage in a digital learning environment that supports your learning with novel tools, convenience, and potential cost savings.
Quality Academics
Take part in a quality academic programme delivered by our education partner, Oskano Academy Sdn Bhd together with its worldwide recognised partners which consisting of a complete academic syllabus, personal assignments, and assessments under the guidance of trained educators.
Connect & Thrive
Collaborate and learn seamlessly from lecturers, professors, and fellow students via a universal online platform.
Build Your Portfolio
Build a solid academic portfolio as you study to help you during your job search as well as serve as a reference for future endeavours.

Course Overview

The JP Edu Hub Diploma in Information Technology was co-developed by qualified experts and our educational advisory team to help gain a comprehensive understanding of core IT disciplines that include mathematics, information management, programming, networking, digital security, and web development.

The 1-year programme comprises 9 core modules designed to provide students with quality, expert instruction. Each module consists of online lectures and tuition classes carried out according to a preplanned learning structure with clearly defined learning outcomes. Students may track their progress and self-evaluate their study plans via the online platform.

Throughout the programme, students are assessed continuously through personal assignments followed by a final examination to evaluate their abilities more accurately and how they will transfer into the workplace. At the end of the course, students are tasked with a final project provides the opportunity for them to their skills in realistic applications that simulate actual working environments.

Our Course's Core Modules

1. Introduction To Computer And OS
2. Computing Mathematics
3. Information Systems And Organisation
4. Introduction To Software Engineering
5. Programming Fundamentals

6.Database Management Systems
7. Networking Fundamentals
8. Security Administration
9. Web Application Development


Who is this Programme For?

  • Graduates and Early Career Professionals
    Reinforce your fundamentals with up-to-date skills and knowledge through a comprehensive programme that delivers fast results.
  • Fast Track Path To Employment
    Accelerate your entry into an IT career and start building your career with minimal delay.

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